Hello, welcome to my AskBlog!
My name is Trentini, I'm from the 4th floor of the biolabs. The supportive Gypsy~

Feel free to ask me anything~ I'll respond as fast as I can~
Until then, make sure to survive in here~!

[(Please be patient, as my askbox is currently nearing the 25, and I'm running a 2nd bioaskblog; It'll take longer to answer! <3 Thank you for understanding)]

([Just for the record, I will not answer sexually tinted, or hinted-at mature things asks in the future. I may be an adult, but that doesn’t mean every visitor is. Keep them in mind please. If it’s answerable with something fun or whatever, I will answer though.

Also, I am fully aware what is asked here, but I was able to BS my way around it. Also, apologies for using you, askwolfchev, but you were the first thing that came to my mind /gg. Also he’s just fun to draw. But those are details details~])

([Thank you, in advance, for future asks!])

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    (( aww, of course not! it’s not as if i’m not guilty of some ridiculously out-of-character art HOHOHO. and you always...